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Run on Asetek fluid cooling technology, the refreshed Kraken X-3 series (available in mm, mm, and mm designs) improves in the iconic RGB infinity mirror design by enlarging how big is the band. An upgraded cap has become rotatable assuring proper direction of the NZXT logo design, accommodating much more builds. Feb 28,  · the drive ‘LC’ had been arriving, Windows didn’t have an idea how to handle it with it. It is the motorist for the USB Controller when it comes to Kraken. Uninstalling, Rebooting, nothing fixed it. I tried everything. Then I came across a post mentioning it was Asetek drivers i came across this: Driver LinkEstimated learning Time: 3 minutes. Asetek ChillControl VI motorist install and installation ChillControl VI is a USB Universal Serial Bus product. This Windows motorist originated by Asetek. The hardware id of the driver is USB/VID_&PID_B Manually install Asetek ChillControl VI driver • Download the setup declare Asetek ChillControl VI driver through the link below.


Asetek usb device.Asetek Chill Control Computer Software

As soon as in your Windows control board, find the “see Devices and Printers” option: underneath the “Unspecified” area in this selection, you will observe some products right here. Right-click and select “Remove unit” for almost any products defined as Asetek USB Device, MCP USB Serial Port Emulator, NZXT USB Device, USBC HID Device, or Unknown USB Device. This is basically the ongoing state on supporting (other) “bare” fifth generation Asetek coolers such as the EVGA CLC CL12, and (#16): NZXT Kraken X31, X41 or X61 (#3); as well as other Asetek LC products Please test/debug the changes in this pull demand – i.e. branch add-second-gen-krakens – and report back. I will suggest attempting functions in the following order: reputation: liquidctl status Fixed. ASETEK. Type Information; ID: Vendor Devices. Type Vendor ID Vendor Name Device ID Device Name More; USB: ASETEK: b [NZXT Kraken X60] Vendor Device Hosted on Digital Ocean. Made with ️ by Doug Thwaites.
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This is typically caused by modifications to your system’s computer software or hardware. Check out troubleshooting tips to fix this matter. To down load this file, press the “Download” switch on the top right associated with the web page then press “Direct Download”. This will produce a file with a. ensure that you draw out this zip file in order to install the file.

For Z53, Z63, and Z73 coolers, you don’t need such a driver. Then right-click the AseUSB. This will install the motorist for the Kraken coolers.

Once installed, restart your PC. If your CAM-powered product remains not acknowledged in CAM, then you’ll definitely have to take away the current motorist from your system for that hardware.

To do this, seek out the “Control Panel” in your Windows research bar. Under the “Unspecified” area in this selection, you will see some products right here. Once this is done, resume your personal computer. Make sure your system is totally operated down whenever you try this and therefore it’s possible to confirm the interior USB header you’re changing to is totally useful.

Once the USB header is switched, power in your system. Kindly speak to your motherboard maker to validate this. If the CAM-powered unit is still maybe not acknowledged, with regards to the item you’ve got, you may have to get it changed aided by the Customer Support Team as it may have a defective USB cable. The next products must be changed in the event that USB cable is flawed:. When your products are recognized once again, this might indicate a negative USB cable from all of these gadgets.

If your product continues to be maybe not acknowledged, then it’s likely the hardware is faulty. We could manage this and replace this flawed hardware if you are within your warranty duration still. Kindly contact our customer care Team for additional help. Does CAM use Third 3rd? Once in your Windows control board, find the “View Devices and Printers” option: beneath the “Unspecified” section in this menu, you will notice some products right here.

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