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GCC, a dependable organization producing laser engraving, cutting and establishing machines, vinyl cutting plotters, uv inkjet printers and laser digital finishing equipment. BENGAL Vinyl Cutter Machine GCC Bengal Vinyl Cutter Areas. Home – GCC Biotech (I) Pvt. Ltd. Solutions and applications for your lab From cancer tumors analysis to food security evaluation. Molecular Diagnostics. Diagnostics that attention. TB evaluating, pathogen detection, medical. Primer. Consistent delivery of Oligos. High quality Oligo Assurance, from chemistry to performanc. Providers.


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Detailed are all the availble parts for the GCC Bengal Vinyl Cutter. Nearly all of our components have been in stock if you need your component ASAP please call for availability. All parts are OEM GCC Areas. Laboratory Facility. Joychandipur Bakrahat, 24 Parganas (Southern), Pin West Bengal, India Contact No:+ Email:[email protected] BENGAL Vinyl Cutter Machine GCC Bengal Vinyl Cutter Areas.

Quality Oligo Assurance, from chemistry to performance
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Dining Table Of Contents. Quick Links Install this manual. Dining table of items. Previous Page. Following Page. Page 2 NOTICE GCC reserves the right to modify the info found in this user manual at any time without prior notice; un-authorised adjustment, copying distribution or display is prohibited. All commentary, queries or suggestions concerning this manual kindly consult with your regional supplier.

Before you use the cutting plotter, please ensure that you have browse the security precautions and guidelines below. For protection concern, kindly always hold the cutter solidly through the base while going it.

Trouble Shooting What if Bengal cannot Function? Webpage 5: General Ideas Bengal user manual 1. General Information Package Items The package of Bengal contents the things down the page, please examine carefully. If you find almost everything lacking, please consult your local dealer for additional help. Item Quantity Cutting Plotter 1 Set Slicing Groove To help slice down media.. Alignment Ruler To align media with obvious guide marks appliance Carriage to simply help perform cutting job with installed knife or pen.

Page 7 Bengal user manual 1. Fuse 3Amp. On / off switch to make on or off the device. Webpage 8: Installation Bengal User Manual 2. Installation Precaution Please read below information carefully prior to starting installation.

Notice 1 guarantee the ability switch is off before installing the cutting plotter. Carefully manage the cutter to stop any accidents. Notice 2 Choosing an effective place before installing the cutting plotter Before installing your cutting plotter, choose the right place, which meets the following problems.

Step 1 Please examine provided items in the accessory package of stand carton before you install: Stand is a recommended product. Webpage 10 Bengal consumer Manual position the stand beam upright from the T-stand and place the screws to the holes but do not tighten them as of this step.

Stand Beam T-stand Figure step four Position both the remaining Support and right help perpendicularly to the T-stand and place the screws to the holes and tighten them as shown in Figure Page 11 Bengal User Manual eliminate the cutting plotter through the carton.

Position the stand under the plotter, and place the screws in to the holes from the base of this plotter but do not tighten all of them up as shown in Figure Insert a blade into the bottom of the blade owner and take away the blade by pressing the pin. Make sure your fingers Outward ring are out of the blade tip. Take note the outward ring of the owner must put into the grooves of carriage firmly see Figure , fasten the scenario Figure Figure Figure Step 5 utilize the reversing measures to remove the knife holder.

Move the pinch rollers by making use of force during the rear percentage of the pinch roller help. USB motorist installation Caution!!

Page 17 Bengal consumer Manual 2 select the model you intend to install from the motorist number and then click on either the 32 little bit or 64 bit motorist installation with respect to the os put in on your desktop to start the installation.

The Expert Pro model is used as an example within the next steps. Enjoy your GCC cutter! Note: 1 If the motorist is being set up for a moment time, the consumer will likely be prompted as to whether a second copy of the motorist installation is required.

Webpage Operation Bengal user manual 3. Operation 3. Page 21 Bengal user manual Step 1 Move the carriage to a different place. Step 1 Load news onto appropriate place. Webpage 23 Bengal user manual 3. Quality high quality To choose the cutting quality to either good default or Draft mode.

Webpage information Transmission Bengal user manual Data Transmission you can find two options to transmit the information from the computer system into the cutting plotter: choice 1: With appropriate program se ttings, the data can be sent from your application software package towards the cutting plotters directly.

Basic repair This chapter describes the fundamental upkeep i. Aside from the steps mentioned below, the rest of the maintenances should be performed by a qualified service technician. To stop the pinch rollers from rotating while cleansing, use your fingers to keep the pinch rollers in position.

Page 30 Bengal Consumer Manual 5. There is no data when you look at the buffer: kindly send the task once again from your computer; 2. The buffer is full: please send the exact same work from your computer system again.

Please make sure that the drums work ordinarily and see that the media is well filled. Then switch on the ability and reboot the cutting plotter. Cutting circumference mm Media Width mm Cutting Force g Max. Consumer Guidelines 1.

Page 35 Bengal User Manual 4. Choose the right model you have put in. Page 36 Bengal User Manual 6. Please note that you must put your image in the bottom kept corner. Go back to the typical page and look that your particular image are at the bottom left corner.

Page Bengal Specification The specification and data sheet may vary with different materials used. In order to receive the most readily useful result high quality, please maintain the device frequently and correctly. GCC reserves the ability to replace the specs whenever you want without warning Appendix Also for cutting step-by-step work with standard plastic. Webpage 39 Bengal consumer Manual in regards to the Tool A generic term referring to the knife that cuts the sheet, the pen that does plotting, and the LED bombsight alternative utilized for pointing into the guide point.

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