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Oct 17,  · Download HID-compliant customer control unit for Windows to driver. Grab HID-compliant customer device for Windows to driver. Join or Sign In. Check in to include and modify your egory: Video Drivers. Jan 24,  · HID-compliant customer device I have actually 2 PCs both operate Window XP. Recently, anytime one of Computer is turned on, it always pup- up a window telling and asking “a brand new HID-compliant consumer control device” is available and asks to set up the unit driver. Feb 22,  · Judging by the setup in product manager, I imagine “HID certified Device” is some kind of slot, so fundamentally in the event that you plug an additional HID one of these simple slots would be filled to trigger that device. It might be left-over general HID drivers for gadgets you have got once upon a time attached to your computer but are not currently connected in (for faster hot-plugging).


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You can use it in order to connect to printers, thumb drives and many different various other external gadgets, or to accept input from a keyboard or mouse. Your mouse and keyboard are samples of what exactly are called Human Interface Devices. Any device that is HID-compliant utilizes a universal, standard driver and won’t require you to install any custom motorist computer software. Oct 17,  · Download HID-compliant consumer control device for Windows to driver. Download HID-compliant customer device for Windows to driver. Join or Sign In. Check in to add and alter your egory: Video Drivers. Feb 22,  · Judging by the setup in device manager, I imagine “HID Compliant Device” is some type of slot, so fundamentally in the event that you plug an additional HID one of these simple slot machines will likely be filled to stimulate that device. It might be left-over general HID drivers for gadgets you have got as soon as upon a time connected to your pc but they are maybe not currently plugged in (for quicker hot-plugging).
HID-compliant customer device
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Super User is a concern and solution site for computer system enthusiasts and power people. It takes merely one minute to join up. Connect and share understanding within an individual place that is structured and simple to search. I am trying to increase the frame-rate for a PC game known as Condemned.

My device exceeds the recommended requirements described back in The machine is, however, running Windows Inspecting the Properties of these devices via unit management does not tell me much about them. There are three kinds of HID-compliant devices to my device:. I have no idea what functionality is provided through these. I am worried that i will disable my keyboard or mouse if I disable these entries. Improve: Condemned will randomly have considerably razor-sharp falls in fps.

Unplugging the keyboard and mouse generally seems to restore the standard frame-rate. I rebooted to see if maybe a re-set will become necessary, but no, every thing works the “same” as I use the Computer after a re boot. THEREFORE I’ve held them handicapped while I perform this game, and re-enable them afterwards when I’m done. Preventing the polling by disabling the unit motorists fixes it I’m told. But, it does the job. I haven’t attempted this myself.

But from reading community forums, this is certainly a really typical recommendation, and does apparently make a positive change. Obviously it mustn’t actually end the products from working, but may reduce some extra functionality. I did the exact same in order to play the game ‘Fear’. However, i lost no additional functionality for the media buttons of my keyboard, or mouse, or my Speakers. This is basically the only features it disables.

Remember to only disable the ‘HID-compliant device’ products. Hardly any other HID gadgets. More details on HID here. Btw, if it nevertheless does not work properly for your needs disable the in-game Vsync. Disabling the HID-compliant gadgets has bizarrely altered none of my functionality for just about any of my peripherals, however has made running near-instantaneous. I had issues with my mouse. Mouse cursor was moving forward its own. I tested to disable one by one and lastly I found which ones caused the difficulty.

Therefore I kept 1 of those 3 HID mouse devices disabled, and voilaaaa – my mouse cursor is regular now. This weird problem came often after a Windows improvement or once I upgraded my visual card i actually don’t know very well what that 3rd mystical HID-compliant mouse is. But i actually don’t care, i shall hold it disabled provided that my mouse functions.

I guess from that one can tell that HID Compliant Devices are most likely going to be some input gadgets or other people you’ve got linked to your computer. Disabling them all could possibly lead your HID’s to avoid working, since you understand Are you certain this wasn’t just some troll post that advised you to definitely do this? Judging by the setup in unit manager, I imagine “HID Compliant product” is some kind of slot, so fundamentally in the event that you plug in another HID one of these slot machines is likely to be filled to stimulate that device.

It might be left-over general HID motorists for devices you have as soon as upon a time connected to your personal computer but they are not currently plugged in for quicker hot-plugging. This may also really be active motorists for your present products or several of their particular elements, i really don’t understand because information regarding this on the net seems lacking.

But in either case, i actually don’t see why this could have results for anything. Definitely appears like a shady package to me, but please tell me how it goes if you try.

Worst case, your Keyboard and mouse will stop working, what do you have to lose? Signup to join this neighborhood. The greatest email address details are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share understanding with a personal group. Create a totally free Team what exactly is groups? Learn more. What are the effects of disabling HID-compliant gadgets? Ask Question. Asked 5 years, a few months ago. Active 1 thirty days ago. Viewed 64k times. I cannot find any thinking behind this technique.

There are three kinds of HID-compliant products back at my machine: customer control device 4 circumstances system controller 2 cases vendor-defined unit 6 cases I have no clue what functionality is offered through these. Improve this question. VitaminYes VitaminYes 1, 3 3 gold badges 14 14 gold badges 18 18 bronze badges.

I can not imagine any reason why would assist, but I’m not a high-performance expert. Yes; you likely will disable your keyboard and mouse, plus the recommendation, will not end up in greater fps — Ramhound Feb 22 ’16 at I am starting to believe there may be a connection when I noted during my update — VitaminYes Feb 22 ’16 at i did not believe I’d need to distinguish the two.

Add a remark. Energetic Oldest Votes. Improve this response. Galen Gareis Galen Gareis 11 1 1 bronze badge. Ah, and this will simply remove functions outside clicks of the mouse and key presses — VitaminYes Feb 22 ’16 at VitaminYes that could be my estimate. These additional functions would probably include customised buttons etc. KeyC0de KeyC0de 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Higgs Bonbon Higgs Bonbon 1. Tiina Palola Tiina Palola 1 1 1 bronze badge. Cestarian Cestarian 1, 5 5 gold badges 22 22 silver badges 41 41 bronze badges.

The advice had not been directed at myself, but numerous users across different sites. Also, I think windows will hide or “ghost” unplugged gadgets rather than put the “HID-compliant” sequence in the front of those. VitaminYes could be, this seems terrible defectively recorded in the end. Sorry, I supposed to include that as a supplement to my very first comment. Sign up or log in Sign up utilizing Google. Signup using Facebook. Subscribe using Email and Password. Post as a guest title. Email Required, but never ever shown.

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