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The current presence of the KEYLOK is required in order to ‘start’ the unit motorist. To set up the Parallel dongle, operate and choose the Parallel checkbox. NOTE: Modification of this NT//XP system registry requires that any particular one with Administrator authorization operate the utility. KEYLOK2 is our most tested security dongle on the market. The original KEYLOK2 was developed for 25 pin parallel ports. As computers, plus the harbors they applied, advanced a necessity for a USB form of KEYLOK2 dongle emerged. Hence, the familiar green KEYLOK2 was ted Reading Time: 50 secs. Apr 18,  · In the window that appears select KEYLOK 2 (USB w/Driver). Mouse Click Begin Install. Click Next, and allow the drivers to install. Click Finish. Click Close. Shutdown the pc. Plug the KeyLok permit key to the computer system. Power on the pc. SunTouch should recognize the important thing and run.


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Jun 28,  · Our standard USB software dongle with drivers, KEYLOK2 is our most cost-effective and widely used protection device for USB copy protection install KEYLOK2 USB information piece Proprietary encryption ensures answers generated by key are constantly unique Internal verification discourages hardware cloningOperating Temperature: 32° F to ° F (+0° C to +70° C). Go right to the Device Manager, connect within the Key and when it seems in Device Manager Right-Click and select modify Driver and Select Install from specific location then navigate to System 32 and then click on Install Driver. This will resolve the problem. KEYLOK dongles can be purchased in a number of designs and port-types to guide all safety and licensing ted Reading Time: 2 mins.
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When you yourself have a LAN then it must be put in only on the main pc that stores your data. It’s usually the computer this is certainly attached to the timers. The KeyLok key is the real software license. When it is ever lost or taken, a brand-new computer software license is required to be purchased. Sale of SunTouch ended utilizing the End of Life for the item. Due to this, it really is immensely important that the key be plugged into the rear of the computer such that it isn’t visually noticeable to others and protected from damage.

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You will have a web link to the install. Click the install link and download the zip file. Navigate to your down load area and extract the files. Open the extracted file place and operate the install. Double click on the install. You’re getting the message under. If the license key is connected, unplug it and restart the Computer. Click Start Install. Click Next, and invite the drivers to install. Click Finish. Click Close. Shutdown the computer. Plug the KeyLok permit key in to the computer.

Power using the pc. SunTouch should recognize the main element and function. Sorry we couldn’t be helpful. Help us improve this article along with your feedback. Related Articles.