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Jul 08,  · The stk module registers a control-only alsa soundcard. This sound card is named ‘stkmixer’. The real noise capture is done through the ‘Controlle’ soundcard which is also produced after plugging when you look at the EasyCAP. To have a list of the registerd ALSA soundcards, run Author: Andrew Schalk. Might 11,  · NEW 32 & 64bit DRIVER PACKAGE FOR XP, VISTA AND WIN7 (STK Grabber for Syntek chipset which can be modified from an original Philips SAA chipset by Syntek Semiconductor) FROM HERE use this adaptor on different win7 64 bit comp to try it. Let me reveal one step by step manual guide for Syntek STK software installation procedure on Windows Vista / XP. 1 down load stkrar file for Windows Vista / XP, conserve and unpack it if needed. 2 Switch on your brand-new picture hardware. 3 Appropriate click the My computer icon and push Properties tab then. Select Hardware tab. Click on Device Manager key.


Syntekstk1160.Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux: New driver for the EasyCAP DC60 – stk

Syntek STK ATV BDA: USB\Vid_05E1&Pid_04F3: Syntek STK Grabber: USB\Vid_05E1&Pid_04F4: Syntek STK Grabber: USB\Vid_&Pid_6F Syntek STK Grabber: USB\Vid_&Pid_ Crescentec Corp. VideoAdvan tage: USB\Vid_05E1&Pid_ Syntek USB Video Device. Jul 08,  · The stk module registers a control-only alsa soundcard. This sound card is named ‘stkmixer’. The true sound capture is done through the ‘Controlle’ soundcard that will be also produced after plugging when you look at the EasyCAP. To have a listing of the registerd ALSA soundcards, run creator: Andrew Schalk. Let me reveal a step by step manual guide for Syntek STK software installation procedure on Windows Vista / XP. 1 down load stkrar file for Windows Vista / XP, conserve and unpack it if needed. 2 Switch on your new image hardware. 3 Right click the My computer icon and push Properties tab then. Choose Hardware tab. Select Device Management button.
Easycap DC60 and windows 7 64bit, code 10 no matter what drivers i use,
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Stk1160 based USB 2.0 video and audio capture products
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Driver for Syntek STK Grabber install –

Hey, Andrew! My name is Garcia with a “C” :- exactly that! I’m glad that all things are working, any issues discovered you could add an issue on github.

Sorry Ezequiel! Feasible that recent ubuntu upgrade broke the sound. I had the audio working like week ago in a single computer system and today it will not work anymore. Tested in 2 different machines with ubuntu consumption: amixer [command] Available options: -h,–help this assistance Hi, I cannot replicate your problem. I’m also making use of Ubuntu The stk driver works as before back at my device. Once I examine the result of dmesg see below i will see that to my machine the snd-usb-audio driver is packed ahead of the stk driver as well as on your machine afterwards.

Consequently, i guess, the stk driver cannot access the audio part of the STK device and tells us: ‘AC’97 0 access just isn’t valid [0x0], removing mixer’. Have you got some other USB sound recording hardware connected to your device? I must say I cannot explain this behaviour, however if this continues we can contact Ezquiel, the designer for the motorist, for help. In this situation please send the stklog. Hi Andrew, i will be using ti-omap ubuntu kernel which was compiled using the easycap module disabled.

So I guess i actually don’t need certainly to bother blacklisting easycap component. I adopted most of the directions offered. Hi, I’ve tested the driver succesfully with Ubuntu several things you can test: Reboot the machine.

Unload the driver and reload it with sudo rmmod stk sudo modprobe stk If it doesn’t work you can test the latest driver variation from Ezequiels github which works well with me on Ubuntu Installation works the same way as described above. Regards Andrew. Does it work? I am wanting to install s-video for an internet streaming application and would be grateful if you could aim me to the s-video STK driver that works well.

Thanks Carol. Hi Carol, I have just posted a brand-new post for which you find the reply to your concern. Hi Andrew, I’ve spotted this and will try it with qv4l2. Cheers, Carol. Hi Andrew, you’ve been a large determination.

While you state, it is built into the kernel now so we make it easy for by some flags. Practically to the point of installing the bundle and examination. Simply wished to say thanks!! Hi Ezequiel Garcia, are you able to use two stk at the same time?

I tried but when you’re in use the other one does not work properly. Many Thanks, Marco. Sorry for my belated reply! Hi, I’m Andrew perhaps not Ezequiel once you check this out you are able to post here or send for me as email the output of dmesg directly after plugging within the two stk devices.

Thank you for the work with this Driver for Linux. Hi Rob, Many thanks head to Ezequiel for programming the motorist, I only supply some information about it. Clearly the easycapdriver continues to be active on your system. For me personally there are three possible good reasons for your problem.

The installation of the stk driver would not work at all, or 2. I added some details about that to your post. What system are you experiencing? Ubuntu or some other distro? Hi, I see you’re trying to compile the motorist on your own raspberry pi. Demonstrably there is no need the necessary kernel header files installed, however you need them for setting up the motorist. Besides, I don’t determine if the stk device is completely taking care of raspberry’s hardware.

Note: if you can get a circulation for the raspberry pi which has already the 3. Hi, I’ ve setup the driver but when I launch the test signal it reveals this: MPlayer svn r Ubuntu , designed with gcc You will not manage to use your handy remote control. TV file format detected. End of file have you any idea whether or not it’s feasible to fix it?

Many thanks. Hi Enrico, sorry for may late answer. In past times I’ve been able to get decent results with the old staging EasyCap driver in kernel 3.

I’ve put together the stk aided by the 3. Any ideas? Thanks Deep. Hi, sorry, I don’t understand the reason why it does not work because i really do have no experiences with Zoneminder. Do you test the product with mplayer? Whenever you can get an image with mplayer i do believe the next thing is, trying to find the best options for zoneminder.

Maybe you need certainly to adjust the resolution to x i believe this is actually the NTSC resolution for the stk driver in Zoneminders camera settings.

Hi, I also complied the motorist by apt-get installing the Kirkwood headers, and then issuing a modprobe stk once I boot I get the following O pts: null [ 5. it appears it cannot select a format or allocate memory to a buffer.

Have you any clue in regards to what i will do following? Btw after while using the mplayer test I get this in dmesg [ Hi, I think there is absolutely no problem using the stk driver but utilizing the output motorist which can be selected instantly by mplayer directfb.

Hard for me to express whats going wrong here. I really do not have any arm device. What kind of show is connected to the body? Here’s yet another recommendation: This mplayer command should capture two structures as jpeg files. Andrew, I am trying to get this focusing on an Android device Nexus 7. I have actually gotten the old EasyCAP motorist working by simply building the module. This one seems a bit more difficult. I’ve built this driver along with the following videobuf2-core videobuf2-vmalloc videobuf2-memops saa All of them insmod to the kernel fine.

Hi, I have no clue what causes your trouble. Please check this out informative data on Ezequiel Garcias github. Hi Andrew, I believed i knew a bit about computers until i read all the preceding Hi, if you are utilizing Linux, the driver is within the latest distributions like Ubuntu Read the Quickstart page on this Blog understand getting it be effective.

If you’re making use of Windows, you need to seek out more info elsewhere on the web. This web site just addresses the DC60 under LInux. I can not seen to have it working. I can see video making use of tools like mplayer, camarama, etc, but WebRTC cannot talk to the digital camera. I will see video in Yahoo messenger, but absolutely nothing in Skype, if that is a clue. I will be working Ubuntu I can see video in mplayer, camorama, and few different tools. I even see video in Yahoo Messenger.

I cannot see video in Skype. Any idea how I can trouble take this. I am not to experienced in video. Kindly send reactions to rayj00 at yahoo DOT com. Just be diligent, your opinion are posted when I am checking my mailbox next time.